Dictionary of Legal Terms

In contract law, necessaries are generally defined as food, cloth...

Neglected Child
A child who is endangered by an act or omission of a parent, guar...

In tort law, the failure to exercise due (or reasonable) care, in...

Negligence Per Se
Literally, "negligence in and of itself." In Ohio, the violation ...

Negotiable Instrument
In commercial law, a document is a negotiable instrument if it: 1...

Next Friend
A legally competent adult who brings a lawsuit on behalf of a min...

No Bill
1) A phrase endorsed on an indictment which evidences that a gran...

No-Fault Divorce
A term used to describe a type of divorce in which proof of the t...

Nolle Prosequi
Literally, "It will not be pursued." A document filed by the pros...

Non-Exempt Employee
See civil service laws....

Nonprofit Corporation
A legal structure that is not formed for its members' financial g...

A condition upon a parcel of real property that improperly interf...

Nuncupative Will
See will....

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