Dictionary of Legal Terms

A real property owner who grants the use of the property to anoth...

Leading Question
A question phrased so that it suggests the answer. In general, le...

A document that is both a contract and a conveyance of an interes...

See bequest. ...

Legal Separation
A legal procedure providing for a husband and wife to live apart ...

Legal Tender
Any form of money that the law requires a creditor to accept as p...

Lemon Law
The popular name for laws giving rights to purchasers of new auto...

A private, public or institutional entity that makes funds availa...

Written defamation (untrue statements made in writing about anoth...

In general, any person holding a license, such as a driver's lice...

Any of a variety of charges or encumbrances on property imposed t...

Life Estate
A type of ownership in which property is granted to a person (cal...

Life Tenant
See life estate. ...

Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Ohio's newest form of business entity, an unincorporated company ...

Limited Partnership
See partnership. ...

Living Trust
A trust established during the maker's (the grantor's or settlor'...

Living Will
A formal, written statement by a person (the principal) identifyi...

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