Dictionary of Legal Terms

Jail Time Credit
Credit given for the time served in a local jail by a person befo...

Joint And Several
Together and separately. The phrase normally refers to the liabil...

Joint And Survivor
See joint tenancy....

Joint Tenancy
A type of ownership in which two or more persons own an undivided...

The presiding officer of a court. In a trial court, the judge's c...

A final order of a trial court that puts into effect the court's ...

Judgment Creditor
In civil practice, the party in whose favor a money judgment is e...

Judgment Debtor
In civil practice, the party against whom a money judgment is ent...

Judgment Journal Entry
A document stating the final decision of the court-in civil cases...

Judgment Lien
A lien filed by a creditor that attaches to property of a judgmen...

Judicial Release
A release from prison granted by a sentencing judge. Generally, t...

The obligation and authority of a court. Territorial jurisdiction...

The philosophy of law, or the science of classifying law and lega...

A group of citizens, selected and sworn to make a factual determi...

In Ohio, any person under age 18. Juvenile is synonymous with min...

Juvenile Court
See juvenile division....

Juvenile Delinquent
A minor who has committed any act (other than a juvenile traffic ...

Juvenile Division
In Ohio, a division of the common pleas court with exclusive juri...

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