Dictionary of Legal Terms

Fair Use
In intellectual property law, fair use is something that is permi...

False Arrest
An arrest (a deprivation of a person's liberty, or detention) wit...

False Imprisonment
See false arrest....

1) In general, payment for services rendered, such as the charge...

Fee Simple
Absolute ownership of real property. See real property....

A serious crime carrying a potential penalty of imprisonment for ...

A person or institution serving in a position of trust, charged w...

Finance Charge
See annual percentage rate (APR)....

Financial Responsibility Law
A "financial responsibility" law requires you to prove your finan...

A computer or computer software system that prevents unauthorized...

In real property law, any item that normally would be personal pr...

Forcible Entry And Detainer
See eviction....

A type of lawsuit to enforce payment of a debt by the sale of pro...

Free And Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
Special education and related services that: 1) have been provide...

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