Dictionary of Legal Terms

1) The pretrial release of an accused provided the court is satis...

Bail Bond
A type of insurance policy that helps to ensure an accused will a...

Bail Schedule
A list of misdemeanor offenses and the dollar amount of the bail ...

A court official who acts as an aide to the judge. Generally, the...

Balloon Note
A promissory note requiring repayment in a series of small instal...

A legal process designed to help consumers and businesses elimina...

The unlawful touching of another, as for example in the crime of ...

A gift of personal property made in a will. See personal property...

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
The highest degree of proof: proof of such character that an ordi...

Having more than one wife or more than one husband at the same ti...

To hold for trial or for further inquiry. For example, after a pr...

Blended Sentence
A sentence imposed by a juvenile court that blends a juvenile dis...

Breach is the violation of a duty and must be shown to have occur...

A computer program that allows the viewing of World Wide Web page...

Burden of Proof
The duty to establish a claim or defense. The burden of proof is ...

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