Family Law

The topics listed in this section of the library provide additional information regarding family law. For general information on this topic, we recommend viewing first this Family Law pamphlet

Family Law Topics
(Also see Other Topics Related to Family Law)

Adoption and Foster Care (9) - Information about adoption and foster care.

Annulment (2) - Information about obtaining an annulment.

Changing Social Security Number (1) - Information about changing your Social Security number.

Child Abuse and Neglect (5) - Information about child abuse and neglect.

Child Care (3) - Information about child care.

Child Custody (11) - Information about child custody.

Child Support (5) - Information about child support.

Co-Habiting (Unmarried) Partners (1) - Learn more about unmarried individuals living together.

Finding a Birth Parent (1) - Information and resources regarding finding a birth parent

Legal Separation, Divorce and Dissolution (20) - Information about legal separation, divorce and dissolution.

Marriage (4) - Information about marriage.

Name Changes (4) - Information about changing your name.

Paternity (3) - Information about establishing paternity.

Spousal Support and Other Marital Rights (1) - Information about spousal support and other marital rights.

Visitation (7) - Information about visitation.

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