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This section of the site lists the statutes of the Ohio Revised Code on stalking and domestic violence that are found in electronic form on the Anderson Publishing and the Ohio House of Representatives web sites. Clicking on a link found here will open a second browser window displaying the appropriate statute.

Table of Contents:

Domestic Violence
  1. 18 U.S.C. 2261 Federal Crime of Interstate Domestic Violence

  2. 18 U.S.C. 2262 Federal Crime of Interstate Violation of Protection Order

  3. 18 U.S.C. 2263 Pretrial Release of Federal Criminal Defendants

  4. 18 U.S.C. 2264 Mandatory Restitution in Federal Cases

  5. 18 U.S.C. 2265 Full Faith and Credit Given to Protection Orders

  6. R.C. 2903.15 Permitting Child Abuse

  7. R.C. 2903.211 Crime of Menacing by Stalking

  8. R.C. 2903.212 Bail Factors in Criminal Menacing by Stalking Cases

  9. R.C. 2903.213 Criminal Stalking Protection Orders

  10. R.C. 2903.214 Civil Stalking Protection Orders

  11. R.C. 2919.22 Crime of Child Endangerment

  12. R.C. 2919.25 Crime of Domestic Violence

  13. R.C. 2919.251 Bail Factors in Criminal Domestic Violence Cases

  14. R.C. 2919.26 Domestic Violence Criminal Protection Orders (Temporary Protection Orders)

  15. R.C. 2919.26(G) Statewide Enforcement and Registration of Criminal Protection Orders

  16. R.C. 2919.27 Crime of Violating a Criminal or Civil Domestic Violence Protection Order

  17. R.C. 2919.271 Mental Evaluation of Domestic Violence Defendants

  18. R.C. 2919.272 Out-of-State Protection Orders

  19. R.C. 2935.03(B) Preferred Arrest and Anti-Drop Policies in Domestic Violence and Protection Order Violation Cases

  20. R.C. 2935.03(B)(h) Seizure of Weapons of Domestic Violence Offender

  21. R.C. 2935.032 Written Domestic Violence Arrest Policies and Procedures of Law Enforcement Agencies

  22. R.C. 2935.032(A) Domestic Violence Incident Reports by Law Enforcement Officers

  23. R.C. 2945.04 Protective Orders Against Initimidation of Witnesses in Domestic Violence Cases

  24. R.C. 3109.04(C) Required Judicial Findings of Fact When Court Orders Shared Parenting or Awards Child Custody to a Convicted Domestic Violence Offender

  25. R.C. 3109.04(F)(1) Prior Conviction of Domestic Violence or Child Endangerment as a Mandatory Factor in Child Custody Determinations

  26. R.C. 3109.04(F)(2) History of, or Potential for, Domestic Violence as a Mandatory Factor in Shared Parenting (Joint Custody) Determinations

  27. R.C. 3109.051(D) Prior Conviction of Domestic Violence or Child Endangerment as a Mandatory Factor in Child Visitation (Parenting Time) Determinations

  28. R.C. 3109.051(G) No Notice of Relocation Notice may be Sent to Convicted Domestic Violence Abuser When Domestic Violence Victim and Children Move to a New Residence

  29. R.C. 3109.051(H) Access by Noncustodial Parent to Child's School and Other Records

  30. R.C. 3109.051(I) Access by Noncustodial Parent to Child's Day Care Center

  31. R.C. 3109.051(J) Access by Noncustodial Parent to Child's Student Activities

  32. R.C. 3109.052 Presumption Against Ordering Parties into Mediation Where One Party is a Convicted Domestic Violence or Child Abuser

  33. R.C. 3113.31 Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders

  34. R.C. 3113.31(F)(3) Statewide Enforcement of Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders

  35. R.C. 3113.31(N) Registration of Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order in Another County

  36. R.C. 3113.32 Domestic Violence Statistical Reports

  37. R.C. 3113.35 Application by Domestic Violence Shelters for Marriage License Fee Funds

  38. R.C. 3113.36 Qualifications for Marriage License Fee Funding

  39. R.C. 3113.37 Transfer of Unused County Marriage License Fee Funds to State Domestic Violence Shelters Fund

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