Ohio's Legal Aid Delivery System

Civil legal aid in Ohio refers to the free legal services provided by hundreds of attorneys and paralegals throughout the state.

These professionals work through local and regional legal aid offices, volunteer pro bono programs, and reduced fee contracted services to help thousands of low-income people gain access to legal representation.

There are currently six regionally based legal aid societies in Ohio that provide a range of civil legal services. Much like a large law firm, each legal aid society has staff attorneys and administrative personnel.

Legal aid attorneys are competent in various issues facing those living in poverty and may also specialize in a particular area, such as housing, employment, consumer, or domestic violence.

In addition to traditional one-on-one counseling, many programs have developed regional intake systems and on-line resources to provide clients with advice, brief services, and/or refer them to a staff attorney or other, more appropriate local resource provider.

In recent years, Ohio’s legal aid providers have assisted over 148,000 low-income households annually.

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