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OhioSPEAKS - The purpose of this website is to collect stories from Ohioans who have benefited from health, human services, and public benefits programs.

FIND OHIO LAW AND RULES FAST - Ohio Revised and Administrative Code

2012 FEDERAL POVERTY GUIDELINES - From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Ohio Poverty Law Journal – Legal Services Briefs & Case Summaries

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Ohio Poverty Law Journal is a briefbank that contains case summaries, and their related documents, reported in Ohio Poverty Law Journal since June 2002. Older cases in the Ohio Poverty Law Journal briefbank, especially those cited in Peter Iskin's landlord/tenant manual, have also been uploaded to this web site when requested repeatedly.

To help you find cases that are available from OSLSA's briefbank (but that may not be available on this web site), search the indexes to the briefbank (in PDF format).

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